Litigation & Dispute Settlement

Litigation & Dispute Settlement

We are in the Legal Consultant Ahmed Al Jermi Bureau obligated by our mandatory in a professional way & we always attempt to present miscellaneous legal services toour clients and mandatory , insisting in focusing on commercial / industrial activities according to all laws applied in UAE.

Field of laws we give more attention ( are the laws applied in UAE and International relevant laws ), we also represent our clients withregard to relevant claims to the said laws , either in the field of legal consultations or pleading in courts.

we examines the legal and judicial situation of the company in its disputes with third parties, developing conflict management scenarios, selecting the best and implementing them, preparing all necessary judicial documents from lists, memoranda, objections, minutes and settlement agreements, and representing them in pleading before the various judicial bodies.

Our Services:

  1. Submissions to the case regulations and the pleadings before all courts of different degrees, as well as quasi-judicial committees.
  2. Submit the intercepting regulations before the courts of appeal, seek reconsideration and other matters of litigation.
  3. Claiming the execution of judgments and Decisions of quasi-judicial bodies, arbitral tribunalsand all other implementing bonds of executive disputes.
  4. Providing dispute resolution services in all ways, mediation and conciliation.


Many years of experience of our lawyers, will help you quickly and effectively solve your problem