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Criminal Cases

We provides legal services in the area of criminal law by defending and pleading cases before Criminal Courts and Departments, and attending with defendants or claimants of personal rights as the case may be to extend all necessary services to them beginning with police stations and public prosecution offices and ending with the final case hearing and best possible outcome. Our lawyers handle pleas in all criminal cases at all stages and levels before the Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal and Court of Cassation in Dubai as well as before the high Federal Court in Abu Dhabi and Federal Courts in other Emirates. Further, they file temporary release applications on Monetary or Personal Bail and go beyond all that to file Civil Claims to compensate the client for the damages incurred as a result of the crime, with securing the relevant court decree of indemnity

Maritime Law

Claims arising from the carriage of goods by sea are of particular importance to the maritime carrier wishing to take all necessary measures to provide defenses and defenses to counter claims by the payee and the law firm seeking compensation from the carrier. Therefore, the availability of specialized legal expertise in this field on how to submit maritime claims and proofs and defenses available to each competing team is of utmost importance to both importers and believers, carriers and maritime agents alike. The UAE Maritime Trade Law No. 26/1981 follows in general the Hague Rules (the 1924 Brussels Convention), with the exception of certain matters such as limitation and the amount of compensation for a single parcel. There are several UAE judicial rulings relating to the application and interpretation of some provisions of this law. The knowledge of these case law and those issued in the Western countries is of great importance to the legal practitioners who practice maritime claims and those who defend them, especially since there is currently a relative acceptance of judgments issued by the courts of other countries whose maritime legislation is based on the Hague Rules The United States, Canada, England and France. We place our extensive expertise in this legal discipline, which will help our clients to protect their interests in order to reach satisfactory results on the issues before the courts as well as the claims under study and research or those being negotiated.

Drug Crimes

Have you been accused of a drug crime in UAE? If so, in order to protect your rights it is important to consult a qualified criminal defense lawyer immediately!

we are expert in the field of penal code as professional criminal defense lawyer in UAE. We offer representation to people throughout the UAE in all areas of complex drug crimes cases, and seek to achieve best outcome to every individual charged with these crimes.


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