Debt Collection Division & Rents issues

Insolvency and Debt Collection

It is important to take specialized legal advice in a timely manner when any company faces financial difficulties. We can provide specialized legal solutions in such difficult times and come up with the right solutions and we will continue to implement them and provide ongoing advice in this regard. We also offer practical advice to companies wishing to restructure as well as to lenders who want to find out the legal options available. Our work also provides advice and advice to board members, shareholders and senior managers regarding their rights, obligations and obligations in accordance with UAE Commercial Companies Law No. 8/1984 and the penal provisions of fraudulent bankruptcy. In insolvency cases, our effective legal opinion will help to reduce losses by expediting the collection of funds and recovering lost assets and holding those responsible accountable. We have long experience in dealing with commercial papers and collect them or collect the debts resulting from them such as checks, promissory notes and other bonds to the extent that they reached, by following the friendly ways and legal means through the temporary judicial methods (and the order of performance) and the completion of collection of these debts and the fastest Available time . We offer this service in all UAE countries.

Rents issues

The lease is one of the most important legal contracts there is almost no citizen or resident in the UAE from the association contract of lease contracts, whether holding a residential or investment or commercial lease, and represents the lease of special importance to its owner, whether the lessor or lessee, with respect to this contract, a residence person and his family or his business and source of livelihood. Despite the importance of the lease and gravity, but that most people do not bother to do so, they use a form ready clauses lease contract does not cover all legal issues, as they are ignorant of the rules important rent law, many people do not know that there is in Emirates over the law for rent and not its law One, and that the texts are formulated in a manner difficult and complex, and this explains the different provisions of the courts from each other, despite the similarity in the circumstances of the case.


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