Company Founding Services

Company Founding Services

The UAE is witnessing every day the development and establishment of projects and new companies. This requires that you are fully aware of all the systems and legal requirements and government procedures necessary to complete this so as not to encounter a problem inadvertently impede the effective start of the company or project.

Thus, you should seek diligently to find a lawyer or professional legal adviser and expert to pass you smoothly through all the legal procedures and fill your gaps in the knowledge of the local culture of the United Arab Emirates in general and Abu Dhabi in particular, as the lack or shallow knowledge of that culture may result in the project failing to achieve the purpose for which it will be created.

Our services:

  1. Provide an opinion regarding the selection of the best legal entities for clients.
  2. Establish and registering all types of companies, whether national, Gulf or foreign, until the advertising stage.
  3. Preparation and drafting of legal documents for all agreements prior to the establishment of joint ventures, letters of intent, contracts of incorporation, agreements and decisions of partners and other similar contracts.
  4. Licensing and establishing branches for all types of companies.
  5. Acquisition and consolidation of companies.
  6. Financial and Commercial Services.
  7. Transactions and drafting of commercial contracts.
  8. Foreign Trade Transactions (Import – Export).
  9. Formulation of commercial agent contracts, distribution contracts and commercial franchise.
  10. Commercial loans and the drafting of legal agreements.
  11. Formulation of agreements for the supply and sale of goods and similar trade agreements.
  12. Structuring and regulating business transactions.


Many years of experience of our lawyers, will help you quickly and effectively solve your problem