Legal Consultant


Having excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to relate to a wide range of people, I am capable of achieving personal objectives as demonstrated by the successful completion of my degree, my current professional performance and my commitment of leisure pursuits - where I have displayed ambitious and goal orientated performance.

 Bachelor of Law - United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain (2017)
 Legal Consultancy Certificate, Accredited by Chamber of Industry and Commerce Union and Authorized by KHDA.
 Aarbitrator in international tribunal for Dispute Resolution and Arbitration (2018 ) .
 Arbitrator in Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation & Arbitration Center (under process).
 Arbitrator in GCC Arbitration Center (2019) .
 Human resources HR Consultant IMAC international management advance college
 Member of Legal Consultants Association of Egypt (2018)
 Member of Judges and Lawyers of France (2018)
 Secretary of Legal Society at UAE University (2016).
 Member of Legal Society at UAE University (2015).
 Member of Legal office at college of Law at UAE University (2015).


Legal Consultant

Our Mission

Growth and prosperity of the business are based on the plans , objectives and strategis , in appreciation , the success of the business related to a large extent the legal framework as the legal protection of a supportive and supportive of the business and its continued success , and we strongly believe that legal work should be preventive action before to be an act therapeutically, therefore we do believe there is a great connection between the running commercial business and the law , and the legal work in the same time should be provided to the client in a good quality manner .

So it was our main goal of excellence from other law firms is to provide legal services of high qulity aimed at achieve customer satisfaction , and our office provide its services through an integrated team of qualified consultants and lawyers with experience and competence in this area and in accordance with professional methodology , as our clients , we understand the utility of an integrated team representing different skill level of business success.


Justice and the protection of people our work

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